Reference Books for IIT JEE

Reference books play a vital role in building concepts for JEE mains and advanced exams. At the same time taking help from any fancy books may be fatal. Below are some important reference books which you may look into. These are the books referred by many topers for generations. There are few books recently gained importance due it depth in concepts, illustrations and exercises.
Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Concepts of Physics Volume 1 & 2

H C Verma


(Very good for conceptual understanding)


(For all 3 parts)

  (Mainly For Theory) Objective Mathematics R D Sharma (Best book for beginners, covering concepts with good exercises)
Fundamental Physics

Halliday, Resnick & Walker


(Extensive concepts covered with common day occurrences)

Text book of Chemistry

(For Physical/Organic /Inorganic separate books)

O P Tandan


(Must have book, covers each and every topic for JEE) Arihant publication series

S L Loney

S K Goyal

Amit Agrawal

(Good book for concept based learning, Student need to prepare keeping syllabus in mind)
Problems in general physics

I E Irodov


(Good book for numerical, but not all questions need to master) Organic chemistry

R K Gupta

Arihant Publications

(Good book covering all concept deeply) Complete Mathematics TATA McGraw Hills (Includes little theory with many exercise problems to practice)

Understanding Physics

(Full series)

D C Pandey


Arihant series

(helps in getting a clear understanding of important concepts)


Concise Inorganic chemistry

J D Lee

(We also get Indian version)

(Very concise book, covering all topics in detail) Mathematics for JEE

G Tewani

Cengage publications

(Concepts covered precisely, with good illustrations, application based questions and exercises, Must book for JEE)
Students can also refer “38 years chapterwise solved papers” for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, books from Arihant IIT JEE series, covering all previous year JEE questions with precise solutions.
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